Doings of Robert Evans

Digiac-3080 -- Emulating a rare 1960's educational computer (github repo)
April 2020
Embedded Raspberry Pi setup -- configure to allow secure remote management of the Raspberry Pi via a network
October 2017
Arduino and Raspberry Pi -- the evolution from "building-size" to "credit card-size" computers and how these single-board computers are useful for Ham Radio
January 20, 2016, Revised October 2018
PDP-11 -- using 1970's vintage minicomputers
RSX-11M SYSGEN April 2010
11M SYSGEN for PiDP-11 April 2019
XDT Crash Analysis April 2019
RSX Source Code April 2019
MMRA Fox Hunting -- a race to find hidden radio transmitters
July 18, 2009
Simulated Emergency Tests -- Exercising ability to communicate via Ham Radio when and where needed (without utility power)
Nov. 9, 2002
Feb. 8, 2003
Anne's Site: Cape Cod and more
On a cool November day, as Ham Radio operator N1BE, I worked on the 53.81 MHz transmit antenna of the W1BRI repeater. This repeater is part of the Minuteman Repeater Association (MMRA) system of eighteen repeaters.
Some software I have worked on is at github;   my C.V. is at LinkedIn.


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